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I have always found Quant Measur to be very professional, knowledgeable and skilled in their cost control and project management abilities when overseeing QS tasks in construction works. They have excellent QS skills and operate with integrity, operating with an eye for detail, as well as the ability to advise on strategy. Construction projects are in a safe pair of hands when Quant Measur are assisting the procurement and controlling the finance. They were selected based on a track record of consistent cost reporting, accurate tender estimating and generally for their client-focused approach. They are team players and directors are always available for high-level communications. I have no hesitation in recommending Quant Measur as Quantity Surveyors, working again with them in the future, utilising their quality of service and reliability
Quant Measur have been working here for a number of years managing and delivering various projects during that time. This plays to Quant Measur’s core skill set as they are versatile, dedicated and have exacting standards which course through every project they undertake. This is why Quant Measur are entrusted to coordinate and deliver a number of projects, spanning a number of departments, at any one time. Furthermore, these projects are some of the most extensive currently being delivered. One such project Quant Measur oversees is the airport’s Sound Insulation Scheme which carries an annual cost of £1.8 million pounds per year.
Quant Measur are dedicated professionals who ensure each project, irrespective of the magnitude, is delivered on time and on budget. To do this on a consistent basis Quant Measur have become key within the operations team at London City Airport. To their credit the rest of the team do not see them as consultants but more as colleagues who play a critical part in achieving the successes driven by the airport’s operational team.